Collapsible Walk-in Sample Collection Kiosk | COVID-19

To minimize the consumption and disposal of the already scarce protective wears in the testing for Covid-19, we followed up on of the most effective design strategy presently available; to create a low footprint, contained kiosk-like barrier between the health-worker and the patient being tested. In addition to the existing framework, we designed them to […]

Solar-Powered Quarantine Centres | COVID-19 Innovations

ACME school- Quarantine Center in the village of Yairipok, Ukhrul District, Manipur. The Centre can potentially house 200 individuals for quarantine. 20 returning migrants were brought in as of 16th March 2020

With rapid increase in the cases of COVID19 infected persons in India, while in March/April the disease’s spread was limited to the main cities, the virus has now increasingly started reaching the remote parts of the country. This has resulted in straining the health infrastructure, a key concern being the more under-developed and under-resourced states, […]

Solar Powered Walk-in Sample Kiosk | COVID-19 Innovations

India has seen a rapid increase in the cases of COVID-19 infected persons, reporting almost 90,000 confirmed cases on 16th May 2020. Each state in the country has been responding depending on its context. Some states have had success in flattening the curve and see the cases in decline with every passing day, whereas in […]

Oxygen Concentrators | Setting Up Medical Facilities in Low Resource Areas

The ability to boost capacity to deliver oxygen therapy is the cornerstone of the overall approach to managing the COVID- 19 outbreak and it has implications for the functioning of the entiresystem. The principles, set out here, of building surge capacity should be integrated into a health system’s readiness and response capacities for all functions […]

Mobile COVID19 Testing Vans

SELCO India has been working in the Udupi District for more than 20 years. The district now has three SELCO India branches – Udupi, Karkala and Kundapura, which has been an indicator of the growth of customers in the district. They have been providing solutions for home lighting, digital education, productive applications; all throughout working […]

Social Enterprises Respond to COVID-19 | Solar Energy for District Border Check-Posts

Koppal, is a populated district with 7 talukas in the Northern part of Karnataka and is also an important hub for the neighbouring districts. The primary occupation in the district is agriculture, small industries and attracts a lot of migrant daily wage labourers as employment is available in the region. Post lockdown due to COVID-19, […]

India: Innovation Hub for COVID-19

Which countries match the population and number of COVID19 Cases of India’s States? Response to COVID-19 has been dependent on the number of active cases in a country. The aim of all governments has been to flatten the curve and reduce the transmission of the virus. The Indian states are at varying stages, with 2 […]

Solar-Powered Ventilators | Setting Up Medical Facilities in Low Resource Areas

Ventilators are required to treat to manage and treat individuals with severe lung infections, require highly trained professionals, typically intensive care physicians, anaesthesiologists, intensive care nurses, and respiratory therapists. As the individuals who are caring for the exponentially growing ill population become sick or worse, the level of care for critically ill patients will be […]

Technology Enterprises Respond to COVID-19 | An Overview of Solutions

How small businesses are navigating through the COVID-19 crisis with a mix of innovation and technology. Assam Innovation and Research Centre Entrepreneur Name: Milan Jyoti Das Technology Innovation: Automated contactless hand sanitiser dispenser Milan Jyoti Das has designed a large area automatic sanitisation and sterilisation tool to spray sanitiser in mist form and kill virus […]

Isolation & Therapeutic Units for COVID-19 | Medical Facilities in Low Resource Areas

Sustainable Energy driven and Climate Responsive Infrastructure for Isolation & Therapeutic Units for COVID-19 The present crisis of COVID-19 is no different, but just that it has happened extremely suddenly and has impacted all parts of the society at once. Again, the biggest victims of this ongoing crisis will be the poor. SELCO’s again believes […]